Google might withdraw from Australia, search engine threatens to leaveWeb & Apps

January 22, 2021 14:08
Google might withdraw from Australia, search engine threatens to leave

Google says that the new law in Australia will lead to disabling the search engine tool for Australians. The new law states that they will share all royalties with news publishers.

Australia is about to introduce a new landmark law that will force Google, Facebook and potentially other tech companies today media outlets for their news content.

US tech giants have fought back against the law saying they will damage access for local services.

However, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is stubborn and is not yielding to the threats.

Google Australia managing director Mel Silva told a Senate declared in a hearing on Friday that the laws are unworkable. If Google will not comply to the rules, the search engine wont be available in Australia.

So why is Australia pushing this law so hard?

Google is one of the most dominating search engines in Australia. The government states that giant tech companies gain customers from those who want to read news and that this is not fair to journalists and for the country’s journalism platform.

There has been a 75% decline in advertising revenue since 2005. Multiple Australian news outlets have shut down or cut jobs during the recent times. To reduce the stress, the government has implemented this law.

Facebook is also on the same page as Google and is not willing to pay royalties. Both the tech giants have stated that news organizations already get multiple benefits from driving readers to the news websites.

Facebook derives little or almost no benefit from having news content on their platform.

Google has offered to help and fund local journalism but Australia is not complying with the altercation.

The new law proposed in Australia could fundamentally effect the business model if replicated elsewhere. But this will pave the way for new search engines.

By Meena Atmakuri

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