11 Easy Home Cleaning Tips You Need to KnowOrganising

August 09, 2019 16:36
11 Easy Home Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Whether you stay in a luxurious or meager home, every abode has cleaning challenges. To tackle this, you ought to know how to solve these problems and make your home shimmer.

Here are 17 helpful cleaning tips for home:

1. Stick to Products You Need

Stay away from buying a lot of products at once for each little aspect of house cleaning. It will only lead to collecting a cupboard full of overpriced cleaning products that you rarely or never use. As an alternative, put money into products that actually help.

2. Make Sure You Have Right Tools

In order to keep your house perfectly clean, without fail own some quality micro-fiber cleaning cloths, a few sponges, a handle and detail scrub brush, a plastic scraper, a vacuum that can clean both carpets, and hard floors, a microfiber "feather" duster and a micro-fiber mop.

Make sure you own a toothbrush that would help you get the toughest grime out of the tightest corners and makes cleaning vents simple.

3. Keep Cleaning Products in Container

Keeping all your house cleaning products in a small storage container, especially that has divisions, not only makes your cleaning more efficient but also is less time-consuming.

4. Decluttering Is Foremost

Decluttering or removing unnecessary items makes your home enough tide since clutter itself holds excess space. Prior to beginning the dusting and polishing, You need to find a place to keep your books and magazines or any wastage.

5. Don’t Mix-Up Cleaning Tasks

For effective cleaning, following a systematic pattern holds more essence. Make sure you finish one cleaning task before you begin another. If not, you will be left confused, weary, and forgetting what you have and haven’t done.

6. Vacuum Efficiently

Use a vacuum cleaner to wipe off the dust. Plugging in your vacuum cleaner in the central room in the house will make you save time as you can continue vacuuming in every room before doubling back to take away the cord and plug it into another socket. Add an extension in case if your cord is too short.

7. Don’t Overlook Electronics

While cleaning home many people tend to miss electronics, that is television or monitor. Steer clear of spraying liquid directly on an LED, LCD or plasma screen as it could damage it. Use a dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen. If essential, dampen the cloth with distilled water.

8. Get Products with Fresh Scent

A lot of cleaning products possess unpleasant chemical odors that end up leaving home smelling like a testing ground. In order t0 avoid this, you could make your cleaning solutions with sodium borate, washing soda, vinegar, and baking soda. Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, grapefruit, yang-ylang, and lemon for a nice fragrance.

9. Remove Built-Up Grease

Get rid of built-up grease on door handles and light switches etc by using ideal eraser sponges.

10. Clean Refrigerator

To get your refrigerator completely clean take away the refrigerator's kick plate and vacuum the fur and hair around the coils. This will not only make your refrigerator cleaner but also it will help it run more efficiently.

11. Grab a Metre-Stick

If you are making every effort to dust hard-to-reach areas, then pick up a meter stick and fit a sock onto one end and secure it with a rubber band. It will help you reach behind headboards and under furniture.

By Sowmya Sangam

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