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October 01, 2019 11:03
India Defends The Rights On Buying Russian Arms, Reports Suggest

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S Jaishankar, Foreign Minister of India, on his US trip finally defended the country’s right to finalize the purchase for the defense missile system from Russia and other Russian arms irrespective of the threat sanctions made by the United States.

The Minister, during his visit to Washington, clarified that India was consistently discussing the US concerns but at the end, declined forecasting the final decision surrounding the purchase of the S400 purchase that was needed to be made from Russia.

In some of the designated reports in some of the esteemed daily, the Foreign minister, clarified stating that the purchases with regards to the arms and ammunitions that are made are going to be made with respect to the sovereign rights and not based on what the other country officials find it beneficial for them. The same was clarified when he attended the meeting with the secretary of the state, Mike Pompeo.

Jaishankar further said that he wouldn’t like any of the state to suggest or guide them on what to buy and what not to buy from Russia much like how they wouldn’t want anyone suggesting or preventing them from doing the same when it comes to America.

He believes that the complete freedom regarding the same is on them and in nobody’s interest to recognize.

India is a Cold War ally for the Soviet Union of Russia was the one who agreed to make the final purchase of fiver of the S-400 for a total amount of $5.2 billion to which Russia has responded stating that their delivery is on track.

In one of the preceding laws from 2017, United States does hold the power of imposing certain sanctions against some countries over the purchases of some of the major arms and ammunitions from Russia due to the involvement of Moscow’s military in both Ukraine as well as Syria who have been allegedly accused for meddling with the US elections.

Turkey, who is another one of the NATO alley, further changed dimensions and angered US by making the purchase of the S400 missiles from Russia. Following that, the President of the United States, Donald Trump ended up nullifying the F-35 fighter jet program with Turkey but other sanctions with the country are yet to be announced for the country.

Jaishankar suggested having warm relations around with the overall people around in the United States but then also underlined the kind of differences they have with the Trump administration’s hawkish stance on Iran.

Following their constant downgrades, United States has also imposed sanctions to prevent the other influential countries from purchasing oil from Iran to abstain the influence that the country has on the Middle East.

The Trump administration did end up stopping some of the waiver for the countries including India who sourced their oil from Iran. Highlighting this subject, Jaishankar said that they do source a very stable quo power from the east Iran which is why they aren’t thinking of stopping the trading of oil anytime soon.

When asked on further discussions about Iran and the kind of relations that India currently has with the country, Jaishankar said that they have been assured time and time that the constant supply of the affordable and predictable sources of energy would not change. He didn’t want to comment any further on the status right now.

Whether or not the purchase of the Russian arms will end up affecting India’s ties with the United States following such a successful trip made by the PM Narendra Modi himself is still something we need to look forward to.

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