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July 09, 2020 19:44
Indian Navy has concluded its 'Operation Samudra Setu'

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The Indian Navy has concluded its mission to bring home Indian citizens stuck in foreign countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The navy concluded its mission and was successful in bringing back 3,992 Indian citizens by the sea.

The world has been fighting day and night during these unprecedented times. The outbreak of novel coronavirus has taken a toll on the lives of billions of people around the people. Around 12 million people have already been affected and more than 5 lakh deceased. The world is staying at homes and foreigners who were visiting other lands for various purposed got stranded their after the decision of the lockdown. For the first time in decades the world came to a stand-still.

During these times many citizens were stuck in foreign lands. Indian government taking in consideration the lives of the people who were stuck in various other countries started a mission to evacuate those Indian citizens and bring them back. This mission was called the Vande Bharat Mission. In this mission the citizens were brought back to India from faraway lands through air. And another mission which was started by the Indian navy was called the Operation Samudra Setu. In this mission the India navy helped in evacuating citizens

In total, the Navy is reported to have repatriated 3,992 Indian citizens by sea. Four Navy ships picked up Indians from 3 different locations-Male in the Maldives, Colombo in Sri Lanka and Bandar Abbas in Iran

All the passengers of these 4 ships were taken to ports of Kochi, Turicorin and Porbandar.

The majority of citizens repatriated under this operation, which ran alongside with the Vande Bharat mission bringing back Indians by plane, boarded the ships at Male. The last batch of citizens landed on 1 July.

Operation Samudra Setu was launched on 5th May 2020 as part of the national effort to repatriate Indian citizens from overseas during the COVID-19 pandemic. This operation was concluded successfully and has brought bask 3,992 Indian citizens to their homeland by sea

The Indian navy also announced the conclusion of this project on the 8th of July. The operation which was started way back in the early May has been commenced and concluded successfully.

The term ‘Samudra Setu’ means ‘Sea Bridge’ in English.

The INS Jalashwa picked up the first group of citizens, numbering 698, from Male on 8 May.The four Navy ships involved were the INS Jalashwa, INS Magar, INS Airavat and INS Shardul.

A total of 2,386 people were brought back to India from the Maldives, 686 from Sri Lanka, and 920 were brought back from the country of Iran. The final ship left Bandar Abbas on 25 June and arrived at Tuticorin on 1 July.

Each ship was fully equipped with medical supplies, doctors, hygienists and nutritionists. Passengers were allowed on board after medical screening, and maintained on the ships following appropriate COVID-19 protocols.

The Indian Navy had also announced that it would be carrying some of their own special equipment prepared for tackling the coronavirus on board these ships. Whether it is the soldiers at the border or the soldiers in the sea, India Navy always succeeds in helping the citizens.

By Deepika Agarwal

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