Bin Laden continues to mobilize jihadists ten years after his deathTop Stories

April 27, 2021 14:52
Bin Laden continues to mobilize jihadists ten years after his death

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Osama Bin Laden happens to be the world's most brutal terrorist and he was the one who floated ISI. He stays as an emblem of radical Islamists. It has been a decade since Osama was killed in Pakistan by the Army forces of the United States of America. But he still retains the capacity to mobilize the extremists into the terrorist group. Bin Laden was physically buried in the Arabian Sea from the deck of a USA plane hours after he lost life. It was to prevent the creation of pilgrimage place on the earth. But he still stands as an inspiration for several youngsters who are making waves into the party.

Al-Qaeda has enough forces and the terrorist group never turned inactive after the demise of Osama Bin Laden. He turned the struggle zones into coaching centres for the jihadists. Bin Laden's face is still emblazoned on the T-Shirts and his title is painted on the vehicles. Al-Qaeda is operating from various parts of the world though the intelligence departments have no plans about their next plans or attacks. A research web portal told that there are more number of jihadists in the world when compared to the number 20 years ago. This makes it clear that Osama Bin Laden continues to impact the jihadists and youngsters.

By Siva Kumar

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