Pfizer Vaccine: A Bigger bet for Indian MarketTop Stories

May 06, 2021 15:22
Pfizer Vaccine: A Bigger bet for Indian Market

In the United States of America, if you have taken the first dose of Johnson and Johnson, you are called as a one doser and if you have received Moderna, you are called a middle class guy. If you have received the shot of Pfizer, you are known as a double-doser. This is rated as per the efficiency of the vaccinations available in the market. Pfizer is made considering the rich man's jab. The vaccination developed Pfizer has over 95 percent efficiency and the credibility did not come in a day. The pharmaceutical veteran was founded in the year 1849. After a century, Pfizer received the biggest breakthrough because of penicillin. Pfizer reported profits of 9.6 billion USD last year before the rollout of coronavirus vaccination.

Pfizer is saving lives and is turning rich every day. They are in plans to produce 2.5 billion doses of the vaccination every year. They are sold to the rich because of which Pfizer is making huge profits. The USA government is said to be paying 19.5 USD per dose and Israel paid 30 USD per dose. Pfizer kept a close watch on the situations of India. They donated 70 million USD worth of medicines to India. Pfizer is also in talks with the Indian government to approve the vaccine so that they would contribute to the mass vaccination. With a lot of shortage of vaccination in the Indian market, several foreign jabs are keen to make their way to the Indian market.

Pfizer promised to deliver the vaccine at a lower price for the India and the jabs have to be stored at -70 degree celsius. India has no infrastructure for the same for now. Pfizer said that they can deliver the vaccine in special containers and the life of the shot can be extended through dry ice. The Indian government is in the hunt for all the options to save the country from the vaccination crisis.

By Siva Kumar

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