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June 13, 2019 14:47
10 Yoga Asanas That Can Cure Any Problem from Head to Toe

Yoga, a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy, has beyond question expanded to all corners of the globe.

The origins of yoga is dated back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions. It is competent to cure a good deal of persistent diseases like Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc if it is practiced regularly.

There are different sorts of yoga asanas that are natural cures for lower back pain and dyspepsia. The splitting Headaches, symptoms of Migraine can be easily cured through yoga. It as well acts as a remedy for problems such as thyroid and hair loss. It also provides the mental stability by decreasing stress and increasing concentration level.

Yoga Asana to Cure Hair Loss, Constipation, Back Pain, and Increase Height   

1. Hastapadasana

Hastapadasana(Image Source: Blog.healthcare-natural.com)

Stand straight with hands and head up straight, slowly bend down keeping your back straight, try to touch palm to the feet and forehead to the knees, keeping legs straight.

Yoga Asana for Weight Loss   

2. Utkatasana

Utkatasana(Image Source: Shwaasa)

Stand straight with arms forward straight, bend little slowly in sitting position on a chair and stay in the same for some time.

Yoga Asana to Cure Gastric Problem and Constipation  

3. Pavanmuktasana

Pavanmuktasana(Image Source: StyleCraze)

Lean down straight on your back, breathe in and raise your legs, breathe out while bending legs, hold your bent legs and press stomach through them, stay in this position for a while.

Yoga Asana to Cure Thyroid Problem

4. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana(Image Source: YogaUOnline)

Lean down straight on stomach keeping hands straight on the floor, slowly breathe in while raising your head up, slowly stretch your body and bend backward to the limit you can, keep your head upward and see the roof.

Yoga Asana to Cure Blood Pressure Problem

5. Makarasana

Makarasana(Image Source: Finess Yoga)

Lean down straight on your tummy, support your face with palms with elbows on the floor, now slowly breathe in while raising your legs upwards and breathe out while taking down them on the floor.

Yoga Asana to Cure Stress

6. Sukhasana

Sukhasana(Image Source: YogaUOnline)

Sit with folded legs with head, neck and back straight. keep your hands straight on knees, breathe in and out timely and deeply.

Yoga Asana to Cure Back Pain

7. Yashtikasana

Yashtikasana(Image Source: Theyogainstitute.org)

Lean down straight on back, take your hands back straight on the floor, stretch hands and legs in opposite directions to the limit you can.

Yoga Asana to Cure Migraine

8. Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari-Pranayama(Image Source: www.forceful-tranquility.com)

Sit with legs folded, use your thumbs to close ears. keep your ring fingers on the nose, index fingers on the forehead, middle fingers on eyes and small fingers on lips, stay in the position and make the sound of a bee.

Yoga Asana to Cure Diabetes

9. Dhanurasana

Lean down on your stomach, bend your knees and with the help of your hands bring your legs towards your back. slowly breathe in while raising your head and chest up in the air above the floor, stay in this position for a while.

Yoga Asana to Cure Heart Problem

10. Pashchimottanasana

Pashchimottanasana(Image Source: Rishikul Yogshala)

Sit with the legs straight on the floor, breathe in deeply while bending backward with arms straight up, breathe out while bending forward and try to touch your toe.

By Sowmya Sangam

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