9 best stress Busters for stressed out folksStress

February 15, 2021 19:08
9 best stress Busters for stressed out folks

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You may not know it but, stress can actually damage your health far more than you can imagine. It can have psychosomatic effects on your health and cause migraines or heart problems. Not only is stress terrible for your health but it is even worse for your body metabolism. Stress can also lead to hair fall, damaging your skin, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles and mood swings.

When you read about stress busters online or talk to a friend, they always advice you to either go to the gym or start a hobby or take a vacation. But in this busy world, no one has the time or energy or even the luxury to take days off work just to release stress. Which is why, we came up with 9 stress busters which do not require any exercise or in fact, not much effort.

Aim for better health and have a better life. Start by trying these 9 non-exercise related stress busters:

1. Meditate

Meditation does not mean you have to sit in quiet place and put meditation music on in the early hours or have to take a yoga class. Anyone can meditate anywhere and at anytime. Meditation is the act of sitting quietly, focusing on only one point in your head. Research also states that meditation can lower your anxiety, stress and high blood pressure by 15%. Meditation is just being present, focusing on your breath and calming your mind down without allowing any thoughts, distractions or judgment. In case it is hard for you to focus in complete silence, you can download mobile apps to help you so.

2. Sit straight

Sounds strange for being a way to get rid of stress but it is actually more helpful than it sounds or looks. Sitting straight can help fight stress, boost your self esteem and fend off any angst you might be feeling. It also boosts your confidence and helps keep your emotions in control. When it comes to the physical aspect, sitting straight can help with your body posture and there are very low chances that you will have a hunch or back problems in the future if you sit straight. To sit straight, you need to look straight, straighten your back, square your shoulders and move your shoulder blades slightly back. When you are standing , you stand in the same posture but with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your knees slightly bent. Keep reminding yourself that you need to sit or stand straight wherever you are.

3. Breathe in, Breathe out

Breathing the right way is the right way for good health. The reason not only doctors but everyone recommends breathing is because it helps with people who suffer from a lot of stress. When your body has an exchange of oxygen, which calms the body and any inflammatory compounds in your body that are linked to stress. Most of the time, we all breathe wrong when it comes to calming down. You have to take a deep breathe in and no other body part must move apart from your belly. When you exhale, your belly must contract. Make sure you take slow breaths and breathe in from your nose. Breathing in from your nose during a workout also helps.

4. Nature is God’s best gift

Studies state that nature is one of the best and natural stress relievers you can find. A walk in the park can actually calm your mind and lower activity in your brain which is linked to mental illnesses such as depression, stress and anxiety. On the other hand, people who are exposed to urban life and traffic everyday, cannot reap these benefits. Our bodies are naturally designed to soak up nature or any natural setting, such as oceans, forests and green areas. Try exploring nature as much as you can. Be amid nature, soak up the sun and learn to enjoy the weather more. You can also start by growing plants in your house and taking care of them.

5. Have sex

When having sex, there is a chemical mix of hormones called oxytocin which releases endomorphines, also known as feel good hormones. When this chemical runs through your blood stream, it can help your molecules and overall your body, relax. But here is where it gets tricky. Research shows that having sex with someone you love or your partner will reduce stress more effectively than masturbation. Excess masturbation can actually lead to triggering your mental health issues especially depression.

6. Eat Healthy

Although we might think that eating comfort foods, which are junk food is comforting, it is not comforting at all. Healthy food contains nutrients which are actually very comforting for the body. A research from the University of Otago states that students who ate more fruits and vegetables were more happy, calm and less toxic compared to those who ate only junk food.

7. Say Thank you more often

When you show gratitude towards someone, 23% of your stress hormones are reduced. The more grateful you are, the more happy you are, the more energy you have and you can even sleep better. Showing gratitude is also good for your heart. Try saying thank you to everyone around you as much as you can. Kindness does not cost a thing. Realize how grateful you are to be alive and present in the moment.

8. Go to sleep

When you are sleeping, your brain processes all the emotions that you have felt throughout the day. The more stressed you are, it is more likely that you will have nightmares or bad dreams. If you go to sleep with good thoughts, it will help you sleep better. Try sleeping for an adequate amount of time. Do not smoke cigarettes or use an electronic gadget right before sleeping.

9. Last option: Phone a friend

One of the best methods to help reduce stress is to talk to someone you really trust. The healthiest of people tend to have a good social circle around them whether it is big or small. Phone a friend and talk to them if they are understanding and even if it is not about your problems, talking to someone you like can be therapeutic in general.

By Meena Atmakuri

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