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August 30, 2019 13:05
6 Things Every NRI Does When Visits India

For every Indian who have settled abroad, returning back to the country is surely a wave of reminiscence. Spending time in the country where you have spent your early years is for sure an awesome feeling and is second to none. When an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) visit India they are bound to make certain things.

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Below mentioned are 6 such things that most of the NRIs do when in India:

1. Food, Food, and Foood!

What an Indian misses the most after moving to a foreign country is food. Their craving for home-made and traditional food is never-ending. The lack of Indian masala, spices, especially the taste in food available abroad makes an NRI eat roadside food greedily when in India

2. Reuniting with Family, Friends

When an NRI returns to India, the happiness of reuniting with the family, friends and loved ones is exceptional. They can go any far to spend as much as time possible with their family, friends, and relatives.

3. Homely Feeling

Taking a break from overbusy lives overseas and visiting India is so relieving. The homely feeling you get once you reach India and seeing everyone welcoming you is something that can’t put to words. There is always room for loved ones in India, a feeling NRIs desire for, abroad.

4. Festivals in India

We can beyond a shadow of doubt say that nowhere in the world other than India you can get a feeling of Indian festival. As India is largely known as the land of festivals, NRIs love the aura and vibes around them in the festive season.

5. Spirituality

If you are a bit religious person, then you will miss the places of worship the most abroad. The spiritual aura of India drives a lot of NRIs and even other foreign citizens to explore the country.

6. Ayurveda for Peace of Mind

India is known for Ayurveda advancement provided for relaxation and peace of mind. When an NRI comes to India, they try out Ayurveda treatments to let off all mental strains.

By Sowmya Sangam

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