Why is US trying to cap visas for Indians?NRI Top Stories

May 10, 2024 20:36
Why is US trying to cap visas for Indians?

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Harbir K. Bhatia, CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement that Indians are one of the biggest innovation leaders in Silicon Valley and that the US high-tech industry cannot survive without them. Indian Immigrants: “There is a reason why they keep trying to restrict visas. They know we're very healthy, so they just have to limit it. Otherwise, "they could lose all their jobs." He said Indians could succeed. In every profession, including technology, agriculture and medicine, Indians are one of the biggest drivers of innovation in Silicon Valley, Bhatia said in an interview: "It wouldn't be possible without them the same thing."

Bhatia pointed to historical data showing that 40 percent of Silicon Valley CEOs and founders come from South Asia or India. He emphasized the influence that Indians have in large companies. “They are at the CEO and CIO level of large companies like Google, YouTube and Microsoft,” Bhatia said. Bhatia attributes this success to a culture of hard work and results. “We always strive for excellence,” he explained. “This drive sets us apart.” Bhatia praised India's ingenuity by pointing to the concept of 'Jugad', a frugal and flexible approach to problem-solving solution. “Indians are good at finding solutions,” he said. “The industry thrives on cost-effective models,” he explained. But Indian talent here continues to be of great importance to many tech companies.

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