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August 24, 2019 16:16
Aging Gracefully

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Aging gracefully is a blessing. In the present time, life is so busy and hectic that each and every one of us is burdened with mental stress and body tension. Stress is the major cause of feeling and making us old before our time, and some will say that old age is a curse. My friend always gets upset when she looks in the mirror and questions, "Who is this person in the mirror, do I know her?". Why do some people feel the aging process more than others? Is it a natural process of life or we are doing something wrong? Honestly speaking no one wants to become old, and no one wants to look old. In fact, we are demanding too much from life. We need to put a ceiling on our desires. Therefore, it is essential to calm the mind and discipline the body with the best tools like Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. Millions of people are suffering from the serious disorder of stress, staying home, not having a job or not wanting to work. Losing interest in life also makes us look old and feel worthless.

Let's adopt a few simple habits; change the lifestyle and live a young, active and vibrant life without spending any money. Smile at everyone you see or meet and let any anger go. A smile is contagious. If you see someone who's not smiling, give them one of yours. Every day set priorities to avoid stress and disappointments. Have a quest for learning new things instead of complaining. Become a good listener instead of talking too much and wasting valuable energy. Judge less and accept more. Trust in your "SELF." Fear not and love everyone. Adopt good habits of chewing food properly, an adequate portion of food, and consuming more alkaline foods help to avoid having disorders. Also, we should eat most foods in their most natural form. Stay active and vibrant... it is advisable to incorporate 15 minutes of cardio exercise each day; thus having no weight problem.

Invest a little sincere effort in yoga, Pranayam and meditation every day for your wellness and staying healthy; you will be able to solve many of your problems yourself. This regular practice helps you to experience feeling young again, being healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Life is beautiful, and life is happiness. Please do not look outside yourself for peace and happiness as joy and peace are already inside you. You have to do little effort yourself; explore what's inside you, and awaken your potential. You can receive the reward of the secrets of the Gurus and Masaya to cultivate your body and nourish your soul. And remember, only meditation will help you to reach your goal.

And now I am going to tell you the secret of living healthy, looking young and always being cheerful and active. Eating a healthy small portion of whole food, working hard mentally and physically, sleeping short hours and smiling all the time is the super-secret formula to looking and staying young. You may think I am kidding? No, our ancient spiritual scriptures are the proof and also our Gurus teach us so. That is the reason I thank The Supreme Power for giving me this lifestyle. I also thank those Gurus and Acharyas, whom I met in the Kumaon hills and mountains of the Himalayas in India giving me all this knowledge to stay young, healthy and vibrant.

Are you aging too fast? Do you want to always feel and stay young? You can age gracefully; feel less stressed and energized, young and vibrant, only by adopting a few simple habits.

May health and peace always be yours.

-Sudesh Abrol

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