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  • Anant Ambani breaking, Anant Ambani Vantara, anant ambani announces vantara to rescue animals, Ntr

    Anant Ambani announces Vantara to rescue Animals 2024-02-27 09:24:18

    Vantara, the groundbreaking initiative by Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation, marks a significant milestone in animal welfare and conservation efforts in India and beyond. Spearheaded by Anant Ambani, the project has established itself as the world's largest animal rescue and...

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    TRAI Caller ID breaking, TRAI Caller ID rules, trai announces new rules to identify users, Ntr

    TRAI announces new rules to Identify Users 2024-02-24 09:10:07

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has recently unveiled its final recommendations for implementing caller identification (caller ID) as a default feature on domestic telecommunications networks. This comes almost two years after the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) initially proposed...

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    Pankaj Udhas breaking updates, Pankaj Udhas family, legendary singer pankaj udhas passed away, Ntr

    Legendary Singer Pankaj Udhas passed away 2024-02-26 14:41:54

    Pankaj Udhas, the legendary singer known for his soul-stirring ghazals and memorable film songs, passed away at the age of 72 after a prolonged illness in Mumbai. His family confirmed the sad news, expressing their deepest sorrow over the loss...

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    Paracetamol for liver, Paracetamol advice, paracetamol could pose a risk for liver, Ntr

    Paracetamol could pose a risk for Liver 2024-02-26 14:19:36

    A recent study conducted by the University of Edinburgh has revealed that the use of paracetamol tablets can result in liver damage, specifically in mice. The study, which focused on paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen), advised individuals to exercise caution...

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    Narendra Modi latest projects, Narendra Modi, narendra modi launches 2000 railway projects worth rs 41000 cr, Ntr

    Narendra Modi launches 2000 Railway projects worth Rs 41000 Cr 2024-02-26 14:31:17

    Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the commencement, initiation, and dedication of over 2,000 railway infrastructure projects valued at approximately ₹41,000 crore. During his speech, Modi emphasized that this event exemplifies the work ethic of 'New India'. He stated, "This...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi updates, Narendra Modi news, Narendra Modi rail projects

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    Narendra Modi, Gaganyaan Astronauts pictures, narendra modi reveals 4 gaganyaan astronauts, Ntr

    Narendra Modi Reveals 4 Gaganyaan Astronauts 2024-02-27 14:46:21

    The Indian space programme has achieved a significant milestone with the selection of four astronauts for the country's human space flight mission, Gaganyaan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the expansion of India's presence in the global order, emphasizing the country's...

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