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  • Facebook, Search engine, google might withdraw from australia search engine threatens to leave, Ntr

    Google might withdraw from Australia, search engine threatens to leave 2021-01-22 08:38:53

    Google says that the new law in Australia will lead to disabling the search engine tool for Australians. The new law states that they will share all royalties with news publishers. Australia is about to introduce a new landmark law...

    Keywords: Facebook, Ban, Ban, government

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    USA, Indian American, kamala harris usa s first female black and asian american vp, Ntr

    Kamala Harris - USA’s first female black and Asian American VP 2021-01-21 12:46:49

    After taking the oath at the Presidential Inauguration on January 20th, before 46TH USA President Joe Biden, Kamala Harris has officially become the first black, south Asian USA vice President. Kamala Harris is of Indian Jamaican heritage. She initially ran...

    Keywords: black women, Joe Biden, USA, Kamala Harris

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    performances, performances, the star studded inauguration is something everyone had to witness, Ntr

    The Star Studded inauguration is something everyone had to witness 2021-01-21 13:10:08

    Joe Biden began his presidency with a star-studded performance from Foo fighters, Earth Wind & Fire, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Bon Jovi. Apart from celebrating unity, the concert also paid a tribute to the front line workers who have...

    Keywords: USA, USA, star-studded, performances

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    Red Fort, Red Fort, red fort shut down due to bird flu will open on 26 jan, Ntr

    Red Fort Shut down due to Bird Flu, Will Open on 26 Jan 2021-01-20 06:04:24

    The bird flu that has been spreading all across the country. Dozens of birds have been found sick and dead in sanctuaries, poultry farms and now samples of the bird flu have been found in the Red Fort. A sample...

    Keywords: bird flu, Red Fort, Republic day, Red Fort

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    Pandemic, Joe Biden, biden s covid 19 plan things will get worse before they get better, Ntr

    Biden’s COVID-19 plan- Things will get worse before they get better 2021-01-22 05:12:29

    USA President Joe Biden signed a list of executive orders to help the fight against the COVID-19 vaccine which has ravaged across the country. The number of vaccines and and testing will increase. There will also be more announcements and...

    Keywords: Biden Administration, Biden Administration, COVID-19, Biden Administration

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    RRR budget, NTR, ntr and charan shooting for rrr climax, Ntr

    NTR and Charan Shooting for RRR Climax 2021-01-22 09:31:34

    RRR is the costliest film made in the history of Indian cinema and the country's top director SS Rajamouli is carving out this big-budget periodic drama that is set in the backdrop of pre-independence. Ram Charan and NTR are the...

    Keywords: RRR climax portions, RRR shooting news, RRR news, RRR shooting updates

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