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March 23, 2015 17:24
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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the central government is committed to instill a sense of security among religious minorities and added that “religious conversion” is unnecessary and that strong “anti-conversion” measures are required in the country. “There is a feeling of insecurity among minorities, and it is necessary that a sense of security should be instilled in them. There is a lot of misconception. But the government cannot do everything. On issues like ghar wapsi and religious conversions, the cooperation of society too is required,” Singh told the annual conference of state minorities’ commissions at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.

“Kya hum sab ko ek doosre pe supremacy ki zaroorat hai? Hum kyon dharm pariwartan karaana chahte hain? Kya hum faisla nahin kar sakte ki insaan ki sewa karna theek hai, par dharm pariwartan kyon karaate hain? Conversion kyon karaaye jaa rahen hain? (Do we need to impose the supremacy of our faith over others? Can’t we decide that serving humanity is fine, but why do people have to be converted to another faith? Why are religious conversions being carried out?)” Singh said, sarcastically in reference to Christian missionaries who convert the poor in the name of serving them.

The Home minister of India has raised the right point which the so called culprits of conversion which is done by luring, threatening, fooling and coercing, cannot accept or support. This is because they are living in luxury with the funds they receive for conversion. There are plenty of hospitals and schools run by these organizations, but none of them are accessible to the poor and downtrodden. But they speak about uplifting the downtrodden. Once conversion is stopped many religious unrest can be stopped. Stop conversion for religious harmony. I don’t think that conversion is the method to spread the belief in God, just like enrolling people in a political party. I don’t believe that the God they believe will like to have people to be converted and believe in him. If that is the case then he is never the God.

By Premji

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