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November 15, 2016 12:22
Stern action against Pakistan supporters – RSS chief

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat demanded stern action against those advocating separatism. “The society will not tolerate any compromise with the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country. It is need of the hour to take stern action as per law against those who advocate separatism and work at the behest of their masters sitting across the border,” Bhagwat said to RSS workers in Jammu.

“You have faced those hardships for the country, the situation has to be resolved. If the situation has not been resolved for so long, then it can have two reasons. Either we have no courage to resolve the situation or there is some shortfall in our efforts to resolve the problem,” he said.

“Whatever the society wants, the government has to work that way. This is the rule in democracy,” he said. “It is a huge country with so many states but it is still one country. The government will work for the emotional unity of the country which was the basis on which Constitution was written. The sovereignty, unity and integrity of the nation are paramount, he said.

“In this country we don t needs laws for patriotism, we have accepted federal structure of governance, but from time immemorial we are one country , he said.

“We means the people of this country, irrespective of what religion they follow and what God they worship and what God they don’t. It is the people of the country and the laws need to be followed to strengthen the country so separatism cannot rear its head,” he said.

“It is proven that the people who live in this part of the world have similar ancestors and they all are Hindus. Being Hindu does not mean which God you worship or which you don’t. It is the identity, our culture and our heritage that we have carried along for centuries,” he said.

“Our history for the past 1000 years is witness to the attacks from outsiders who came and looted us and then someone amongst us united us and we fought against that invader. The invader either ran away after looting or was absorbed in our society. For the past 90 years RSS has been working to make people disciplined so that they can face any such aggression, he said.

“The long time disturbances were faced by the people of the State but the people deserve all appreciation that despite all odds they faced it boldly and did not allow the evil designs of such forces to succeed,” he said.

“Law, constitution and administration are helpful in this regard but this all is not enough and Samaj has to take basic responsibility of transformation,” he said.

By Premji

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