All You Need to Know About Latest India China Clashes at LACTop Stories

September 09, 2020 12:22
All You Need to Know About Latest India China Clashes at LAC

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India and China's face off reignites along the LAC as China is not taking back from its antics. Here's the update from start till the present scenario.

China Faces a Huge Setback

Yet again the Chinese army tried to intrude the south end of the Pangong lake but this time China had to face a huge loss.

Indian army has already given a stern reply to the Chinese soldiers. For the third time in 83 days, China had to face a defeat at the hands of the Indian Army.

According to sources, China wants to repeat the Galwan incident that happened in May. The latest incident occurred near the Shenapo mountain which is also known as God Pao Hill. It is located at the southern end of the Pangong lake in Ladakh.

A large number of Chinese soldiers were marching towards the hill according to the sources.

Indian army has already sounded alert to the troops and asked them to return but the Chinese soldiers continued to move forward.

When the Chinese soldiers did not stop, the Indian army fired warning shots but no Chinese soldier could get the shot.

Seeing the aggressive nature of the Indian soldiers, the Chinese soldiers had to run away to save themselves.

Instead of accepting it's mistake, China is now playing the victim card. Colonel Zhang Shiuli, a spokesperson for the western theatre command, said that Indian army has opened fire on its troops and the Chinese troops were forced to retaliate to stabilize the situation.

He said that India's actions has severely violated the agreements between India and China and this has increased tensions and misunderstandings.

This is the Chinese version which is a lie and currently there is no response from the Indian government or the army.

Indian Army in Better Condition than China

On the night of August 29 and 30, the India army has got the information that China was trying to infiltrate the southern end of the Pangong lake.

The Pangong lake area is in India and China is trying to capture it. But the Indian army became more vigilant beforehand and took action as soon as it received the alert message.

China wanted to open a new front against India after Galwan but the Indian army has spoiled the attempt.

The Chinese army has been pushed back by the Indian army on the midnight of 30th August.

Here, the Indian army is in a better position than China and hence the Chinese army again tried to infiltrate this area again on Monday.

After all this, it is clear that the Indian army knows every way to protect and defend every inch of its land. Indian army has defeated China's expansionist policy and that's the reason for all the allegations made by China.

- By Gayatri Yellayi

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