Russia still Poses a Threat to Ukraine says UKTop Stories

March 30, 2022 14:32
Russia still Poses a Threat to Ukraine says UK

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The war between Russia and Ukraine continued even after a month. The talks for peace between the countries commenced in Turkey but there are no positive signs. Russia continued its strike in the industrial facilities in three regions of Khmelnitskyi region of the western part of Ukraine told the Regional Governor Serhiy Hamaliy. In a statement, the British Military Intelligence told that the Russia poses as a significant threat to Kyiv. The Ukrainian forces continued localized counter attacks. Russian gold miner Petropavlovsk initiated talks with the advisers and Gazprombank to restructure its debt.

The prices of oil dived in and the European stock markets closed on a higher note. The Russian units are suffering heavy losses in Ukraine told the British Military intelligence. Kyiv will not agree to join the alliances or to host the bases of the foreign troops told the Ukrainian negotiators. Russia too accused Ukraine of the ceasefire in several regions. A report said that the Ukrainian forces have struck a target in Russia and the missile of Ukraine hit the military camp in Russia. The footage of the incident is out. The site is 12 miles from the border of Russia and Ukraine. There were no casualties reported.

By Siva Kumar

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