Amit Shah's predictions before Final Phase of Lok Sabha PollsTop Stories

May 29, 2024 14:50
Amit Shah's predictions before Final Phase of Lok Sabha Polls

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In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Union Home Minister Amit Shah revealed that the BJP is projected to win the majority of Lok Sabha seats in southern and eastern India during the upcoming general election. While speaking from the campaign trail, Mr. Shah expressed his expectations for each state, stating that he believes the party will win between 24 and 30 seats in Bengal, 17 seats in Odisha and 10 seats in Telangana. Additionally, the BJP is expected to form an alliance government in Andhra Pradesh and take a significant number of Lok Sabha seats. This election marks the BJP's push to expand its presence in the East and South, where the Opposition currently holds power. It is worth noting that Odisha and Andhra Pradesh will also hold Assembly polls alongside the general election.

In the eastern region, including Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Odisha, the BJP is confident they will be the largest party. They have set their sights on winning the most seats in all five southern states, including Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. When asked if their campaign slogan "Ab ki baar 400 par" was just a catchy phrase or a realistic goal, BJP leader Amit Shah pointed out that in the past, people had doubted their ability to win big. However, the BJP had proven the skeptics wrong and achieved absolute majorities in the past. Shah believes that people will eventually come around to their ambitious "400 par" target, especially after the results of this election are announced. The final phase of elections is scheduled for Saturday, with a total of 57 Lok Sabha seats up for grabs. The states of Odisha, Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand located in the eastern region will have their votes counted on June 4th.

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