Dos and don'ts of dealing with his/her ExRelationship

September 17, 2014 12:39
Dos and don'ts of dealing with his/her Ex},{Dos and don'ts of dealing with his/her Ex

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Are you stressed about dealing with your partner's ex? It's natural. For most partners in a relationship a day comes when they have to meet his/her ex. It could be that you just bump into the ex at a restaurant or it happens to be a party where the ex will also turn up. Meeting the ex is something you should be prepared though most of us are uncomfortable at the thought. Here are some helpful tips to deal with your partner's ex.

No reason for insecurity

The ex is your partner's past so there is no reason to be insecure about him/her. Remember your partner is with you and not the ex and they broke up for a reason. So don't get stressed out. However if you feel that there is still something between your partner and the ex have a discussion at a private moment.

Be cordial

Be cordial and nice to your partner's ex. But avoid being overly friendly or hostile to the person. There is no need to be too friendly. Also don’t be a nasty person and give a cold shoulder to the ex.

No competition

The ex is not a competitor to you. Remember they had a difference so they broke up. And you are your partner's present. So quit being envious and do not act competitive. Make sure you do not stick to your partner all the time, it reflects insecurity.

Maintain your dignity

Make sure that you maintain your dignity whenever you meet your partner's ex. At any point of time it’s important that you respect yourself. Also make sure that your partner respects you in front of the ex and even otherwise.

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