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July 05, 2019 17:02
These 5 Foods Should Be Avoided in Monsoon to Stay Healthy

Monsoon is here in India and a number of people can’t wait to relish their favorite food. The combination of a hot cup of tea, deep fried snacks and a cloudy climate is second to none.

But often people forget there are some red flags in the food we enjoy so much throughout the season.

Below mentioned are some things we can’t keep our hands off of in the rains but we probably should:


                       (Image source from: INLIFE Healthcare)

Curd is known to keep one cold. According to science, curd helps to keep your body cold throughout the day and helps you from dehydration. Curd is fantastic in summer season but avoid curd in monsoon unless you want to get sick.

Fried Food

We all love watching the rains from our windows and eating up some hot, savory fried food. But these aren’t as good as you think. Eating oily or fried food in monsoons can lead to a cough. Avoid the deep fried monsoon favorites like samosas, vada pav or pakodas. But once in a while is not at all a bad idea.

Pani Puri

Most of the people know the problems pani puri brings every monsoon. It is competent of carrying many water-borne diseases such as jaundice. The cold water used in puri may give you a cold, sore throat, and cough. In addition, the water used in the stalls could be infected as contamination of water is very common in monsoon.

Sea Food

Seafood is often contaminated with loads of microorganism in this time of year and doctors urge staying away from it. Save your seafood hunger for some other season. Make sure you clean and cook it very well if you still want to relish some fish curry in the rains.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are the perfect breeding ground for germs in monsoons. The consistency of the leafy vegetables when they get wet can easily grow bacteria and germs. It is advised to keep one's hands off from your favorite greens and leafy vegetables in the rainy season. If you do want to eat veggies, always cook them thoroughly before consuming.

However, it is not suggested to out-and-out boycott these foods, but limit your consumption to only a few times. These things harm you more than they taste great.

By Sowmya Sangam

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