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November 12, 2016 12:29
Trump, Modi to be best friends

Shalabh Kumar, an adviser to the US President-elect, has confidently said that the leaders of the two large democracies will become the “best friends” during spearheading their nations towards strong bilateral relations.

“They will be best friends – not only the two nations will be best friends, but these two guys will be best friends. Donald Trump knows about Modi through me. He is very keen to learn about Modi. A meeting would come a little bit later – he has too much of an aggressive agenda, too many wrongs have been done to the nation that need to be sorted out,” said Kumar, the head of Republican Hindu Coalition.

The Chicago-based businessman had said that Trump is the first president to acknowledge that, “Pakistan is a perpetrator of terrorism.”

“The Kumar family in total had contributed $2 million for the Trump Campaign and the Republican Party. It is in the best interest of the India-US relationship that I have decided to work for the victory of Trump in the November general elections,” he had said.

Shalab Kumar Said," Trump calls out the camel in the room when nobody else does. He already talks about cross-border terrorism, he is the first president to do so, essentially acknowledging that Pakistan is a perpetrator of terrorism."

"What I expect from him is a full expression of support for the surgical strikes that Modi ordered. The war against radical Islam is going to be properly prosecuted. He is going to find great partnership with India in that," he added.

By Premji

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