Every One Among Three Indians Vulnerable to CoronavirusTop Stories

July 22, 2021 14:43
Every One Among Three Indians Vulnerable to Coronavirus

(Image source from: indiatoday.in)

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) made some shocking revelations about the ongoing coronavirus in the country. It said that two out of three Indians have the antibodies to battle with coronavirus which is clear that one among the three are at a higher risk to get contracted to coronavirus. The data is presented as a ray of hope amid the fear of the third wave of coronavirus. The reports say that 40 crores Indians are still unprotected and are at a risk to get tested positive for coronavirus. ICMR also said that India is a country with vast population and the risk remains high. As per the mid of July, 13 percent of the volunteers in India are vaccinated with two doses. 24 percent of them have taken their first shot of the vaccine. 62.2 percent of the eligible people are yet to take their first dose of vaccination shot.

The result makes it clear that the third wave of coronavirus will soon hit the country. The reports of ICMR are concluded through a serosurvey and it is a process where a wide-sampling test is done in a fixed time frame. The tests are conducted to look for antibodies among people of all the ages. These serosurveys do not reveal about the other infections in the body and the test detects the antibodies alobe in the body. The study mainly told that 67.6 percent of the Indians have antibodies through natural immunity or the vaccination. Over 62.3 percent of the unvaccinated Indians above the age of six have coronavirus antibodies. 81 percent of the people who took their first dose of vaccination had antibodies.

The survey was conducted on 28,975 general public and 7252 healthcare workers in the country. The recent serosurvey was done in 70 districts across 21 states of India.

By Siva Kumar

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