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September 01, 2021 11:32
Protection of Covid Vaccine Wanes within Six Months

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Several countries conducted research about the lasting of antibodies in the human body. The latest finding says that several countries are keen to suggest a booster dose for the fully vaccinated. This move was opposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) but the results have been extremely positive after which the countries decided to take the move. WHO wanted the countries to avoid booster doses as there are crores of people who are yet to receive their first dose of vaccination for coronavirus. Pfizer vaccine was 88 percent effective after a month after taking the second dose. The protection fell down to 74 percent after 5-6 months from the second dose. An analysis was conducted by the Zoe Covid Study.

The study was based on a mobile phone app that updated their vaccination dates and the test results. More 1.2 million participated in the study and submitted their test results. For AstraZeneca, the effectivity was 77 percent after a month of the second dose and it fell down to 67 percent after 4-5 months after taking the second dose. Professor Tim Spector said that they are analyzing about the effectiveness based on age. Professor Tim Spector warned that winning vaccine effectiveness will lead to more hospitalizations along with deaths in the winter season.

The study said that the effectiveness of the vaccine will drop below 50 percent by the winter season. Professor Tim Spector wanted the countries to plan for vaccine boosters. The study by the University of Oxford revealed that the effectiveness of Pfizer declines faster than that of AstraZeneca.

By Siva Kumar

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