China plays Punjabi songs for Indian troops in Finger 4 area of LACTop Stories

September 17, 2020 16:48
China plays Punjabi songs for Indian troops in Finger 4 area of LAC

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China’s psychological tactics: Chinese troops set up loudspeakers at the finger 4 area to relieve the pressure.

The finger 4 area near the LAC lies in the Pangong lake area where the Chinese troops are dwelling for a long time. In a recent tactic by the Chinese side, the troops have set up loudspeakers and are playing Punjabi songs for the Indian soldiers.

This act comes at a time when the tensions are soaring between the militaries of the two countries despite a five-point plan been discussed by the minister of external affairs of India and the Chinese side to relieve the tensions.

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Upon noticing that the Indian troops have been continuously monitoring the Chinese actions, China’s troops have put up the loudspeakers at a place which directly comes under the surveillance of the Indian army.

This latest tactic by the Chinese side can be viewed in the backdrop of the fact that at least 3 firings have happened between India and China in the finger 4 area for which China might be looking the relieve the pressure.

The first incident of firing happened when the Indian army stopped the Chinese attempt to occupy the heights near the southern side of Pangong lake between August 29 to 31.

The second incident occurred near the Mukhpari heights on September 7. The third such incident happened the next day, September 8 near the northern side of the Pangong lake when the troops from the Chinese side were aggressive, and both the sides have fired over 100 rounds.

This incident took place when the external affairs minister s Jaishankar went to Moscow to meet his Chinese counterpart to discuss regarding the escalating tensions during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meet.

The meeting was fruitful and both of them have come up with a 5 point plan which both the countries have agreed to implement, however, none of the troops are being seen implementing these points lately.

The ongoing tiff between India and China started in May when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak in India. In the first standoff, around 20 soldiers of India were killed and an undisclosed number of casualties were reported from the Chinese side.

Though India and China since MAy have held several military talks to alleviate the situation, none of the meetings have proven to be fruitful.

Recently, ahead of harsh winter in Ladakh the Indian troops have become vigilant and transported the necessary supplies to the LAC of Ladakh which included food supplies, winter clothes, fuel and other necessary supplies.

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By Gayatri Yellayi

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